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2017 Industry Roundtable
NAGDCA Industry Roundtable

Dates for 2018 Coming Soon!

2017 Information:

Meeting location:
The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel
415 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001 
Room Rate: $249/night plus tax
For reservations click here or call toll free (888) 513-7445 and identify yourself as part of the NAGDCA Industry Roundtable meeting. You can also reference the following
reservation ID: 419NAG.

The Industry Roundtable offers industry members a unique opportunity to meet and discuss important legislative and operational issues. The meeting is exclusively for industry members designed to address concerns specific to their needs. We have organized the agenda to provide our members the maximum amount of information and opportunity for creative participation, while at the same time limiting your time away from the office.

For questions regarding registration, please contact Crystal Trimble at
or (859) 514-9833. For questions regarding the agenda, please contact NAGDCA Headquarters at o
859-514-9161 for more information.

Industry Roundtable Discussion Groups:
 Income Objectives - What are our options and how do we measure success?
Plan sponsors have used numerous methods to try determine and define the success of their plans. Whether account balance, participation and deferral rates, asset allocation and/or expected participant income in retirement, no standard measure or set of measures has been identified as a uniform objective for those plans. The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss the latest efforts by plan sponsors to come up with measurable objectives for their plans and frameworks that may be useful for the industry to continue developing as a standard that can work for plan sponsors across the country. Steven Montagna, NAGDCA President will join the group to share his experiences and his perspective.

Auto vs. Engage - Where should we place the emphasis - auto features or participant engagement? 
As governmental plan sponsors seek to facilitate dignified retirement outcomes for Plan participants, the debate between how to best foster positive participant behaviors is intensifying. Automatic features (e.g. enrollment, contribution increases, and re-enrollment) have increased in popularity, especially in corporate retirement plans, due to both demonstrated success and regulatory clarity. Whether for reasons related to jurisdictional laws, the view that Deferred Compensation plans are supplemental, or otherwise; government plans have yet to achieve the take-up rates of these auto features that many of their ERISA governed siblings have. 

Auto features are partly built on the behavioral finance concept of inertia, the notion that human tendency is to avoid change, regardless of the sector of the economy which they work in. We intend to have an in-depth discussion regarding the merits of auto features in governmental retirement plans, as opposed to the more traditional participant engagement approaches that many government plans continue to utilize. Furthermore, if these auto features have merit to government plan sponsors and participants, what are the roadblocks to implementation and what can NAGDCA do to increase utilization of these features where appropriate?

DC Best Practices - Where can we form consensus around best practices in 
DC plans? 
The group’s main goal is to define what standards to use in identifying a best practice – are there quantitative metrics? Standards of prudence drawn from law? After a standard is defined, the group will evaluate standards of success for DC plans. Candidates may include items such as:

·         Serving a role as a supplemental DC plan to a DB plan
·         Serving as a primary retirement vehicle
·         Ensuring that vendors have adequate technology and service at a reasonable cost
·         Ensuring that vendors and the plan have adequate security and privacy protocols, and at a reasonable cost.

The objective will be to report to the Board with respect to developing a best practices measurement standard for NAGDCA, to eventually be used to state best practice threshold standards, and measure success against those standards. 


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Phone: 859.514.9161

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